POST Speaking Points

The following are a few things to help you prepare for a statement in support of POST at your local School Board meeting. If you have any questions or suggestions of things to add, leave them in the comments below.

  • All regular school board meetings have a time period for public comments.
  • There are strict time limits for each speaker so you need to be prepared with what you want to say.
  • Some school boards will allow another speaker to yield their time to a previous speaker (giving one speaker more time). Contact your school board ahead of time if you are interested in teaming up and giving one person more time to see if that is allowed.
  • Make sure to introduce yourself: your name, where you live, your children’s names, ages / grade level and where they go to school.
  • Say what you are there to let them know:
    • I support the POST program and would like our school board to receive a full briefing on the program as soon as possible.
    • Following the briefing, I would like the board to take a vote on implementing POST.
    • Explain what the POST program is:
      • POST is a program that is specifically focused on addressing the threat posed by school attack by an active shooter.
      • POST’s best defense against attack is deterrence: the knowledge that some teachers are armed will stop most attacks before they start.
      • Should an attack commence, its next defense is an immediate armed response – teachers will be there an average of 3 minutes before first responders from law enforcement arrive.
      • POST works with the school and local law enforcement to screen, train and then arm volunteers from the school faculty, staff and administration.
      • The thoroughness of training is unparalleled: All volunteers will receive firearms and tactics training time equivalent to candidates going through the police academy.
      • POST is complementary to other school safety programs, including ALICE, SARC, secure entry programs, etc.
      • There are armed teacher programs in Utah, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas that have been active for years – all without any incident of a student taking a teacher’s gun or of a teacher leaving their gun behind somewhere a student could access it.
    • Explain why you want POST at your school.  What are your concerns and why do you think POST will address them?
    • Make sure to thank them for their time and attention.