Television, Radio, and Print broadcasts and articles related to POST and school safety.

Educators, Law Enforcement Discuss Arming Teachers in NKY

Since 17 people were murdered inside a Florida high school by a shooter, the nation has been debating how to stop a mass shooting.

Letter: Armed Teacher Volunteers Would Deter Shooters

A letter in response to a article from a few weeks back: Tracey Goodlett is a good example…

Chairwoman Byrd: Educators Oppose Having Guns

The school board listened to both sides, Byrd said. Principals with the schools in Boone County and saw a POST presentation in February.

WVXU Interview on POST Program

Recent school shootings have prompted a national debate on school safety, with no clear consensus on what measures would be most effective in protecting students and staff. 

Boone Co. School District Poised Not to Go Ahead with Plan to Arm Teachers

The meeting was scheduled as a safety committee meeting but the discussion quickly turned to the issue of arming teachers.

Point by Point Response to the Most Recent Concerns about POST Aired on Local 12 WKRC

Teachers all over the country are wrestling with safety issues. In Adams County a few months ago, some Ohio educators were getting trained on how to use guns in their schools. The hot-button subject came up in Boone County February 19th when Joe Kalil, a certified federal firearms instructor and pilot, presented his program called “POST” at a public meeting.

Past Local 12 WKRC news reporting POST Program presentation at Boone County Library.