BURLINGTON – A group that wants at least some teachers to carry concealed weapons in Boone County schools took its school safety campaign to a new forum Tuesday night: Boone Fiscal Court.

While Boone County government has no control over schools, its elected leaders gave Protecting Our Students and Teachers, better known as POST, a welcome reception.

In a 4-0 vote, Fiscal Court passed a resolution encouraging school boards – both public and private – to “consider a program or policy that would allow school employees who volunteer and are properly screened and trained to carry firearms for the protection of students, staff and our schools.”

Joe Kalil of Union, an airline pilot and firearms instructor.

Members of POST-Boone County were more pleased with Tuesday’s outcome than with last Thursday’s Boone County Board of Education meeting.

POST, whose ranks have swelled since the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that killed 17, gave Boone Fiscal Court members suggested wording for a resolution of support. Fiscal Court members tweaked the verbiage before it passed.

Joe Kalil of Union, an airline pilot and firearms instructor, is leading an effort to allow teachers in Boone County to carry firearms in school.

“All POST is asking for is a formal presentation (to school board) with open minds with an emphasis that this is not a take-it-or-leave-it program and we encourage the schools to take ownership and modify it to what they desire,” said POST leader Joe Kalil, a Boone County constable, pilot and firearms instructor.

“We’re not working against the school system, we want to work with them,” Kalil said. Under POST’s proposal, participating school staff would be volunteers who already hold concealed carry permits and who take program training, expected to last between five and 10 days. Last Thursday, Boone County Board of Education members offered no public comment after hearing from residents concerned about preventing school shootings. About 40 who spoke were evenly divided whether to allow teachers and school staff to carry concealed guns.

A school district safety committee is evaluating options including the idea to give teachers guns, Superintendent Randy Poe said after Thursday’s meeting.