POST Overview

The POST Program is designed specifically to mitigate the active shooter threat in our schools. It is based on the highly successful commercial airline "armed pilot" program (which has been in existence for over 14 years and has trained more than 15,000 pilots) and has widespread law enforcement support. Schools in multiple states have armed school employees. The POST Program is the most comprehensive program we have found in the country and it is a low cost solution.

Proposed Program:

(Subject to modification as the School Board desires)
– Volunteers Only (Teachers, Administrators, Staff, Counselors, Nurses, Coaches,
Custodians, Bus Drivers. Goal is 5% participation – 1 in 20 school employees)
– Must Possess Concealed Carry Permit *
– Application Process
– Interview **
– Background Check
– Attend a 1/2 day Pre-Course (designed to prepare participant for training course)
– Complete POST Program Training Course (5 days in length)
– Semi-Annual Firearms Qualification
– Annual 1-day Refresher Course in late summer prior to school year (includes
Firearms Qualification)


* All KY CCDW Permit holders receive a federal NICS background check every 28 days.
** To include: 1) Superintendent, Principle or School Board Member (or designated
representative); 2) Sheriff, Police Chief or designated representative; 3) SRO (if
applicant being interviewed is working at a school with an SRO – start of the team
Firearms would be carried concealed on the person and participants identity would be
The program would be public knowledge to establish a deterrent, however, the
individuals involvement would be “Sensitive Security Information” (SSI). The only
people that would know who is participating in the POST Program would be the School
Board, school staff & administration, SRO, and other armed participants. Dispatch
would know how many participants are in each school so responding officers would be
notified when responding to a school incident.
This program is not a “take it or leave it” program. It is intended as a starting point.

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