Sample emails to school board members or administrators

Below are two different sample emails that you can use as a starting point for a message to send you your local school board officials and/or local school administrators.  You can copy the messages below into your email program, make edits and send them to your local school officials, who’s contact info you can obtain on the main Take Action page.

Dear ______ :
I am writing to let you I am in support of the Protecting Our Students and Teachers (POST) program at our school.  My children are more important to me than anything, so it should be no surprise that I want to do everything I can to keep them safe.  After reviewing the program description, I think that having POST certified teachers and faculty at our school will definitely make all of our children safer from potential attack.  Please take the steps necessary to enroll our school in the POST program and make this valuable training available to the teachers and faculty that are interested.
Please see for more information.


Dear ______:

I am writing you as my representative to take immediate action to secure our school from attack by enrolling our school in the POST program ( Allowing teachers and other school officials  volunteer to become POST certified will give them the training and tools necessary to mitigate an active shooter threat. When you took your office you agreed to act in the best interests of our children and our schools. I am asking you now to live up to that agreement and take the necessary steps to keep my children safe. I would like a response from this e-mail indicating if you support the POST Program or not. If I do not get a response from you, then I will assume you are against it and I will support candidates that run against you, which do support the POST Program. After all, nothing is more important than my children and we must implement an effective program immediately.

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