POST Engagement Model

We have said from the beginning that POST is a community effort.  Over the last month or so we’ve answered lots of questions.  One that comes up over and over again is “How do we get started?”  That’s a question we’ll happily answer a thousand times.  But for the times when people aren’t ready to ask, but still want to know and to help those that do ask already have a basic understanding of the answer, I thought it would be useful to go over the POST Engagement model.

The POST Engagement model consists of three stages: Development, Initial Implementation and Ongoing Assessment.  Each phase has clearly defined steps and owners, as illustrated below.

The Development stage starts with the basic briefing of the school stake holders and ends with an customized, approved curriculum for that school / school system.

POST Engagement Model - Development (1)

The Initial Implementation stage goes from the point of having a customized, approved curriculum and gets a school / school system to the point of having trained and armed teachers protecting themselves and their students.

POST Engagement Model - Initial Implementation


The Ongoing Assessment stage takes place on a regular basis after the completion of the Initial Implementation and ensures that everyone involved in the program stays up to date on their skills and knowledge.

POST Engagement Model - Ongoing Assesment

Hopefully this helps answers some of the basics of “How to get started” – but if you think there is anything we missed, be sure to leave a comment below.  And if you’d like, you can download a PDF of the entire model here to print out and share.



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