Attacker motivations: The Aurora Theater Shooting

Although the Aurora shooting took place in a theater and not a school, the mind set of the attacker is worth studying.  Read through this post (and through his actual journal if you dare) and there is only one conclusion about how to keep our kids safe from people that think this way.

We know for a fact that active shooters factor in police response time in their plans. You can see it right there in the Aurora murderer’s journal. We know they, in fact, need that lag in response time to generate the body count they are looking for. They try to extend the time it takes armed response to materialize so they can execute as many people as possible.…and yet here is an educated, credentialed university official stating outright that he wants the murderer to have that level of control because in his sick mind that is somehow preferable to people shooting the murderer before he can execute his way to a higher level of self worth.

via Death sentences | Gun Nuts Media.

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  1. My thoughts as well. Read through the posted PDF if his note book. Disturbing to say the least but affirms what gun rights folks have said all along. His methodical process involved extensive planning from location of theater to local police response, which theater to pick in a facility for maximum death toll and ease of access, etc. It’s a battle plan for a murderous slaughter! In a gun free zone without your own protection you are target prime!

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