Armed teacher bills die in Wyoming legislature

Too bad.  I’m not sure where this idea comes from that we are asking teachers to become law enforcement?  I am a concealed carry holder and carry everywhere I am allowed to legally.  I don’t have arrest powers, I don;t have search and seizure powers.  Teachers would be in the same boat.  All we are asking for os the right to choose to be able to defend oneself.  That’s not law enforcement – that’s self preservation.

Two proposals to allow concealed carry in school zones were under review by the Wyoming Legislature this session. Both House Bill 111 and Senate File 109 would have left it to local school boards to decide whether and under what conditions teachers could carry guns on school property.

Both bills died Friday. But the legislation marked the second consecutive year lawmakers have fought to get such measures passed in Wyoming.

Proponents say gun-free zones attract killers. Opponents say arming teachers, custodians and other school staff creates a greater danger.

If either of the bills had passed, Wyoming would have become one of about 18 states that allow loaded weapons on school grounds.

via Guns in Wyoming schools: Two sides to the story.

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  1. Don’t you wonder…… what did the Wyoming Legislature propose as an alternate to protect the students…… Oooppss…. I mean THEIR children????

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