CityBeat confuses correlation with causation

It seems that some of the local media needs some basic instruction on logic.  From

While a Republican majority supports the rules to increase safety in schools, some research indicates the plan could backfire.

A review from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center found states and countries with more guns tend to have more homicides.

Specifically, men and women in places with more firearms are exposed to a larger risk of gun-related homicide.

I suppose people who drive cars are more likely to die in car accidents than those who don’t as well.  The article goes on to recite data from a 2009 ABC news special where “trained gun wielders” failed to respond to a simulated attack.  So of course because it was less than 100% effective, its not worth considering.  The response effectiveness argument also ignores the deterrent effect to a potential attacker that the potential of an immediate armed response would have to attacks taking place in the first place.  How many police stations get robbed?

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