Arizona bill to arm teachers not getting support from administration

From the Daily Courier:

Chino Valley School Superintendent Duane Howard said he believes teachers should focus on education on not on gun training.

“It’s not our job function. When policemen stop a car, they are making about 20 tactical decisions when they walk up to that vehicle. Anytime a policeman has to go into a dangerous situation, they are making tactical decisions. Teachers are not trained in, nor should they be trained in, tactical decisions in our classroom and around our students,” Howard said.

He also questioned whether a teacher should be put in a position where they might have to shoot someone.

“In my opinion, it’s just not in our personalities,” he said. “We are in the business of instructing people. I don’t see how we can just turn that switch and become an aggressor toward another human being. That is just not our calling in life.”

Mr. Howard fails to realize two things:

1 – while his assessment of the job of a policeman is spot on, the job of a trained and armed teacher would be different.  It would be exactly the same job (but with more training) as any other concealed carry holder: to act as a deterrent to an attack by the potential of their existence and in the case that the deterrent is not enough to act as an immediate response.

2 – in the case that they would need to respond to the attack, the trained and armed teacher would not be an aggressor. The aggressor would be the one that started the attack.  They would be a defender…the one that ends it.

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