Another liberal does right thing: supports arming teachers

From the Charger Bulletin:

Giving teachers guns — it’s scary but it’s already happening. In states such as Arkansas, Kansas and Tennessee, laws don’t prohibit teachers from carrying guns, and in many instances, these teachers are taking advantage of that. If it’s already happening, the least we can do is to make sure it’s being done in a safe and effective manner. Perhaps with the installation of programs like the one in Texas, the statistics of school shootings will drop.

The continuing and all-too-frequent occurrence of shooting incidents in schools must be stopped. Too many students, parents, teachers and friends have suffered this terrifying nightmare of gunshots, injury and death. We must not become desensitized to the ever-increasing violent acts in our schools. Armed marshals, like those approved in Texas, can respond immediately to a dangerous situation in a school, adding an additional level of security, which, sadly, seems warranted.

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