71% of those polled in Hartford, CT support arming teachers

From the Courant: (note this is an ongoing poll, so the results may change by the time you click on the link.  They are listed below as they were on the date of this posting)

71% Yes. There’s been a rash of school shootings since Newtown, at K-12 schools as well as universities. Texas is training school employees to carry guns. Arkansas allows teachers to carry guns. Other states are considering the same. Schools should be armed from the inside so they can respond quickly. (474 responses)

29% No. Arming school personnel is dangerous. Experts say it’s better and safer to improve emergency procedures and call in law enforcement officials if needed. (Unless, of course, police are already patrolling the schools, as many are in Connecticut schools.) (198 responses)

672 total responses

(Results not scientific)

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