Prescott Valley Tribune trashes teachers

From the Prescott Valley Tribune:

In this state, the average salary for teachers is $31,689. That means the people responsible for engineering our children’s path to higher learning as well as helping them overcome the academic challenges for our possible future leaders make little more than a staff member employed by any big box retail store. Now I do not say this to devalue what folks working in retail do to add to the consumer experience in buying products that will possibly inhabit growth in our nation’s bleak economy. It is merely an example to illustrate some perspective. Thus, would we ask the same retail associates to take up arms against possible shoplifters in their place of work? The definitive answer would be no for a plethora of reasons, most importantly legal and civil liability.

So the basic argument is teachers can’t be armed and thus take responsibility for their own and their students safety because they’t not paid enough?!?  So it’s the $1,000 extra a month that Prescott police officers take home that qualifies them to be armed?  I’m not even going to address the equivocation of the value of protecting the lives of our children with protecting consumer goods in a big box store from shoplifting.  

Mr. Porter – there are plenty of good reasons that a teacher should be given the choice to protect themselves and get appropriate training to do so (like, I don’t know, maybe that its a basic human right?!?) and there are also perfectly good reasons why a teacher would decide not to arm themselves.  In the end, it should be a decision that each teacher is able to make for themselves, with the full support of their community for whatever their decide.

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